about me

Hi there. I'm Mary. Nice to meet you. Piacere. Mucho gusto. 

Me and my husband on our wedding day
I'm a 30 year-old wife, mama, xenophile, advertising writer by day, food and fashion lover by night. I see both cooking and putting an outfit together as a fun way to experiment, mix and match and make something wonderful.

I basically try to cook food that is healthy, but more importantly, delicious...and vegetarian. 

I really got into cooking when I became vegetarian because I felt challenged to create delicious and filling meals and recreate my old favorites. I’ve cooked so many yummy dishes over the last few years, my husband may not even notice that we only eat vegetarian at home. But seriously, my mantra is when the food is great, you don’t miss meat! 

I was constantly sharing out my recipes and telling people how easy it is to eat vegetarian and that's really how my blog started. I have been a lacto-ovo  vegetarian, (meaning I eat eggs & dairy) and animal welfare advocate since February 2007. I couldn't ignore the horrible ways animals are treated in process to my plate and didn't want to support it anymore… why pay someone to do something you would never do yourself (or even watch)? Plus, a vegetarian diet is proven healthier for me and better for the environment. So it's a win-win-win situation. 

Check out the book Skinny Bitch, it changed the way I think about food and meat, I highly recommend it.